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Learn how to cut testing time

  • Testing time influences how quickly you can deliver your application & how much you spend doing it.
  • Poor software quality is often the result of not having enough time to test properly.
  • One of the outcomes we deliver to our customers is to reduce testing time from weeks to hours.
  • We can provide you actionable tips that will help you achieve similar results.

Understand how you can increase test coverage

  • Testing enough of your application is related to time, but also to your testing strategy.
  • Increasing test coverage efficiently is just as important as reducing testing time.
  • We apply specific testing frameworks to help our customers achieve greater coverage and speed.
  • We will offer you practical tips about the best testing frameworks to help you increase coverage and speed.

Work out when you're ready to go live

  • Most companies release applications to production when someone thinks they are ready.
  • The problem with this is that there is no insight into whether critical elements have actually been tested.
  • Our customers retain more users and make more money by going live only when they're actually ready.
  • In this session you will learn the key testing metrics you need to know to improve your release processes.

Learn how to use your team for higher value tasks

  • Software testing is often seen as a necessary evil, rather than something that can create value.
  • This is the result of poorly designed testing programs that often become convenient excuses.
  • We teach our customers a combination of technology, people and processes to achieve their goals.
  • After this session you will be clear about how to turn software testing from a cost centre to a value creator.

Will You Benefit From This Session?

You will benefit form this free software testing strategy session if you meet at least 2 of the following 4 criteria. How many criteria do you meet?

You use customised software that is updated at least once a year or you develop your own software from scratch.

You only test manually and you know that you need to something different, but you need ideas about what to change.

Your releases to production almost always end up with end-users finding bugs that should have been found well before go-live.

Testing takes too long to complete or there is not enough time in your sprint to complete all necessary tests.

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