Software Testing Services & Test Automation Services

Our world-class testing services are delivered through the medium of the Qsome Technology Platform. Our leading-edge software testing tools and application of best-practice frameworks such as model-based software testing enable us to deliver real value early and often throughout the project to ensure that our customers extract the maximum value from their partnership with us.

Not only are we innovators in the software testing tools space with the Qsome Technology Platform, but we also continually enhance commonly-accepted best practices in the software testing services and test automation services we provide to our customers. This dedication to challenging boundaries and deliver better outcomes helps us keep our promises to you.

You Need To Talk To Us If... are suffering from any of these, or variations of these 5 most common software testing pain points:

Your organisation does not want to invest in an in-house testing program & would rather leave it to experts.
Manual testing isn't enabling the release speed or quality levels your users demand.
Too many defects are found by end-users after go-live, impacting users' confidence in applications.
Current testing tools & infrastructure are not able to adequately automate cross-browser & cross-device applications.
Recruiting and retaining skilled test automation engineers and ongoing training costs are spiralling.

These pain points have been explained to us by our customers who have benefited from our help. You will already have noticed that these issues with software testing programs are common across industries, countries and types of applications. These problems can strike you irrespective of whether you are implementing an ERP system like SAP or Oracle, or building your innovative and disruptive applications.

All of these are very real and legitimate reasons to partner with us for a "managed service" software testing services where our highly skilled testers, test designers and test automation engineers will deliver the pain-killers for your pain points.
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Real Outcomes Of Our Software Testing Services

No longer is software testing just a tick-box exercise. Effective software testing should help you achieve core business goals that go to the heart of revenue and profitability.
Our goal is to transform your software testing from a cost centre to a value generator.
Ayush Trivedi, Qsome Co-founder
Accordingly, our outsourced software testing services deliver real outcomes that set us apart from our competitors. Some of the outcomes that we deliver include:

Reduce Testing Time While Testing Deeper

From days / weeks to hours or even minutes. We accomplish this using the power of automation and data-driven testing, whilst increasing coverage. This allows you to spend more time on innovating & developing new products that users want.

Find Bugs Before Your Users

Nothing tanks an application like bugs that should have been found before release. Our enhanced debugging tools like video logs & screenshots allow your developers to easily reproduce and fix bugs so that your users don't become frustrated.

Go Live Based On Data, Not Hunches

Use objective data to decide whether a product is ready for release. We use automated test scope selection & a real-time dashboard to increase application quality and to allow your teams to focus on higher value activities.

Benefits of Our Managed Service Approach

The benefits of partnering with Qsome for automated testing services are powerful and best summarised by the following:

Objectivity & Transparency

We bring years of experience across industries to make your testing project faster and smarter. Add to this full transparency through our dashboard, with the complete absence of concocted reports, and you get a professional approach that instantly builds trust and confidence.

Intellectual Horsepower

Even our newest test automation engineers come with years of automation experience. Alongside your dedicated project manner, the entire team will not only deliver what we promised you, but also apply thought leadership to suggest incremental improvements that could deliver outsized results.

Slash Your Cost of Quality

A testing program should help to deliver your organisation a financial advantage. Not only is our solution capex-free and fixed cost, but it also helps to reduce support costs, increase user uptake and helps you roll-out new products or features faster to provide a real competitive advantage.

Our testing services will be delivered using the same subscription-based, fixed price model that we use to charge for the Qsome Technology Platform.

To find out more about how the Qsome automated testing solution may save your organisation time and money, or for a personalised demo of the Qsome testing platform, drop us a line or call us:
Or contact us on +61 3 7001 1430 or +44 20 3411 4974 if you're in the UK or email solutions[at]