Model-Based Software Testing

Model-based software testing is the answer to the age-old problem in software testing: speed versus quality. Our cloud-based software testing platform, the Qsome Technology Platform, has been specifically engineered to solve this speed versus quality conundrum.

Automation is a key ingredient in the successful practice of model-based software testing. Because the Qsome Technology Platform has been designed to help you automate as much of your software testing as possible, it is the software testing tool that is most suited to undertaking model-based software testing.

Why do you need model-based software testing?

There are 6 key challenges in every software development and delivery project. Software projects are often delayed or outright fail if these challenges are not overcome by the delivery team:

Changing & unclear requirements: the move to agile and digital has quickened the speed of everything, including the rate at which stakeholders change requirements.
Zero (or limited) test automation: a number of myths have combined to reduce the widespread use of automated software testing. No test automation = slow & low quality tests.
Real-world data availability: frustratingly, traditional software testing tools require test teams to store and track hundreds of CSV files to maintain and execute data drive tests.
Archaic & slow infrastructure: a testing program is only as good as the infrastructure it runs on. Archaic setups with physical test servers significant slow testing speed & compromise application quality.
Ineffective test design: our Agile and digital world works with user journeys. Designing software test cases for discreet application functions will always leave bugs for frustrated end-users to find.
Reputation damage: the combination of these problems has damaged many professional reputations. This damage and the sleepless nights that come before a major release can be avoided.

If you identify with any, if not many, of these problems with software testing, then a switch to model-based software testing may be the right strategy for you.

However, to make any switch to model-based software testing successful, you must have the right software testing tools and infrastructure. Without these two vital components of you may still suffer the frustrations of the problems identified above.
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Qsome's testing tools help you fix these problems

3 of the 6 software testing problems above are the result of inadequate, or downright poor, software testing tools. At Qsome, we well understand that speed to market and and flawless user experiences are the overarching goals of modern software development programs. That's why we created our software testing tools, the Qsome Technology Platform, to help you achieve your goals.
Dynamic user journey & process mapping
  • Design robust tests based on real users journeys across browsers & devices
  • Easy configurations across applications without CSV files
  • Minimise time taken from subject matter experts & maximise their value
  • Create & update tests and data sets as required to align with user demands
Central knowledge repository
  • A single source of truth for all testing knowledge & artefacts
  • Easily accessible for the right people to augment and update test cases and data sets
  • Minimise security & execution risk by removing files from local drives
  • Flexibility of the cloud combined with the security of on-premise
Limitless testing infrastructure
  • On-demand, in the cloud allows you to run tests from anywhere
  • No time or usage limits, even for mobile app testing
  • Never wait for free servers or free login licenses again
  • Run parallel tests for even faster testing of complex applications
Automated cross-browser & cross-device testing
  • Let the robots do the work for you
  • Test automation is at the heart of our software testing tools
  • Test user journeys across applications and devices in one test
  • One test script can be used for all browsers or devices

Benefits of Employing Model-Based Software Testing

Reduce Testing Time While Testing Deeper

From days / weeks to hours or even minutes. We accomplish this using the power of automation and data-driven testing, whilst increasing coverage. This allows you to spend more time on innovating & developing new products that users want.

Find Bugs Before They Frustrate Your Users

Nothing tanks an application like bugs that should have been found before release. Our enhanced debugging tools like video logs & screenshots allow your developers to easily reproduce and fix bugs so that your users don't become frustrated.

Test Real User Journeys, As They Evolve

Your test cases should conform to real-world user journeys. This is difficult with traditional software testing, particularly if your teams employ Agile, DevOps or Continuous Delivery methodologies. However, model-based testing with Qsome makes this infinitely possible.

We believe in this approach so strongly that we deliver our software testing services and software testing practice development services using this model-based approach.

To find out more about how the leading-edge, on-demand software testing tools and test infrastructure of the Qsome Technology Platform will help your team cut testing time and find more bugs before they hit production, let us know know you want to talk:
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