Software Testing Tool - Qsome Technology Platform

The Qsome Technology Platform has been built by us from the ground up, keeping in mind the dynamic and fast-paced nature of modern development needs, goals and standards. It offers a powerful set of features across software test management, planning and automated functional software test execution. It also includes load testing that leverages your investment in automated functional testing scripts.

The Qsome Technology Platform has been built to make the automation of functional testing of web-based and mobile applications faster, easier and more cost-effective. Our software testing tools have been built from the ground-up with these key principles in mind:
  • Users with no testing experience should be able to use our tools without exhaustive training
  • Executing a batch of tests should be as simple as a few mouse clicks
  • Easy cross-browser and cross-device automated testing is a must-have, not a nice-to-have

Every feature of the Platform has been and will continue to be developed with our automated testing framework top of mind. Some features of our Platform that Qsome's customers most enjoy include:

Fast start with the cloud, no training & zero capex

Test on all browsers & mobile devices from one designed test

Parallel testing to run thousands of tests in no time

Meaningful dashboard & easy deep dive analytics

Advanced debugging tools: video logs, screenshots & more

Risk algorithms for objective prioritisation of test plans

Collaborative issue tracking for business & tech users

Integrated test knowledge repository for new & old test artefacts

Ready to witness the magic?

Compatible With All Web & Mobile Applications

The Qsome Technology Platform has been built for digital. Whether your application ecosystem is undergoing a digital transformation or always lived in the browser and on mobile devices, we can help you deliver higher quality software, faster and with less stress.

Therefore, unlike many testing tools that were built during and for the mainframe era, the Qsome Technology Platform has no problems executing automated functional tests on applications that incorporate technologies that have traditionally been considered troublesome for testers:

The Qsome Technology Platform is has a significant advantage over other software testing tools when it comes to testing a complex and interdependent applications ecosystem. For example, our Platform makes it easy to test an end-to-end process that may start in one application and traverse one or two other applications before the said process has run its course. A common example of this is where digital applications interface with CRM or ERP applications.

Real Benefits Our Software Testing Tools Enable

  • Slash testing time, resources used & view results in a fraction of the time

  • Achieve higher coverage with greater process consistency & relevant repetition

  • Deliver great apps across devices & platforms to achieve core business goals

  • Relieve the stress that occurs before every release & earn kudos after bug-free releases

  • Find & fix defects of engineering & before they are found by end-users

  • Faster releases of enhacements, patches & new apps with fewer end-user issues

Why Our Software Testing Tools Are Better

At Qsome, we well understand that speed to market and and flawless user experiences are the overarching goals of modern software development programs. One without the other is like toast without butter. That's why we created the Qsome Technology Platform, to help you achieve your goals in a systematic, repeatable and seamless manner.

Dynamic user journey & process mapping
  • Design robust tests based on real users journeys across browsers & devices
  • Easy configurations across applications without CSV files
  • Minimise time taken from subject matter experts & maximise their value
  • Create & update tests and data sets as required to align with user demands

Central knowledge repository
  • A single source of truth for all testing knowledge & artefacts
  • Easily accessible for the right people to augment and update test cases and data sets
  • Minimise security & execution risk by removing files from local drives
  • Flexibility of the cloud combined with the security of on-premise

Limitless testing infrastructure
  • On-demand, in the cloud allows you to run tests from anywhere
  • No time or usage limits, even for mobile app testing
  • Never wait for free servers or free login licenses again
  • Run parallel tests for even faster testing of complex applications

Automated cross-browser & cross-device testing
  • Let the robots do the work for you
  • Test automation is at the heart of our software testing tools
  • Test user journeys across applications and devices in one test
  • One test script can be used for all browsers or devices

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! Our aim in creating the Qsome Technology Platform is to develop a one-stop-shop for everyone involved in the software development and delivery process. Because bug-tracking is an integral part of delivery great quality software, it's front and centre in our platform.

Therefore, any bugs found during automated and / or manual regression tests can be logged, assigned and resolved using the enhanced debugging tools built into the Platform. All past bugs and their resolutions are searchable - just imagine the time savings that this feature enables.
We thought you would never ask! Not only can our Platform execute load tests, it can do it without requiring any extra scripting if you use our Platform for automated functional tests. Learn more here.
No. Licenses are so yesterday. The Qsome Technology Platform has been built in the cloud, for the cloud. Based on your needs we will give you a fixed price, monthly subscription amount that does not require any up-front capital investment.
Absolutely not. Because the Qsome Technology Platform resides in the cloud, you can access it from your favourite browser on your work computer or your phone. We don't require you to download .exe files and we save you the usual installation headaches. All that you need is a working internet connection.
We recognise that applications are used across browsers and mobile devices. So the Qsome Technology Platform enables the integrated testing of an application or interdepedent applications across browsers and mobile devices. Not only can we test your standalone mobile app, but we can also test an end-to-end process that originates in the browser, is accessed via a mobile app and is then completed back ina browser.
Yes, if it can be emulated in a browser. As most applications now run in the browser, we have dedicated ourselves to making the automated testing of all browser-based and mobile apps as smart and fast as possible.
Absolutely. If you feel you have the Selenium and / or Appium skills in your existing QA team, we can set up the Platform to hook into your testing environment and run the scripts that your team writes.

However, most of our customers need help at some point in their quality assurance program. Experience tells us that our help could fall into one of two categories: test practice development or software testing services. While we never want to be a body shop we have very smart and effective delivery model that delivers bundles of value for our customers.
Or contact us on +61 3 7001 1430 or +44 20 3411 4974 if you're in the UK or email solutions[at]