Partnership / Reseller Program

A successful partnership makes 1+1 = 11

- Michael Lappen

There a lot of partnership programs for IT companies and consultants. But very few of them offer the partner a truly unique opportunity to be part of a focused growth story with unbounded potential.

The Qsome Technology Platform is a game-changer for businesses in the digital age. Our software testing products and services allow our partners to increase their innovation quotient with their customers. Enterprise customers in particular are searching for a step-change in how they conduct their software quality activities. Qsome's software testing tools and services represents the change that customers are demanding.

Our partnership tiers all offer many benefits to our partners. Each tier reflects a partnering organisation's ambition:

Benefits Project Partner Alliance Partner Strategic Partner
Self-Service Marketing Tools and Resources
Sales Support
Use of Qsome Partner Badge
Sales Training
Marketing Training
Customised Solutions & Pricing
Qsome Technology Platform Subscription Discounts
Joint Marketing Support

Ready to welcome growth?

Benefits Of Qsome Partnership Program

Increase revenue & share of customers' wallets in a sustainable manner. The extra revenue is an outcome of delivering real value to your customers.

Broaden product offering with a truly innovative testing solution. Offer your customers a new way to achieve their goals.

Traditional testing solutions don't deliver. Unlock new opportunities by offering a fit-for-purpose software QA solution.

Access specialist technical, sales and marketing training and support that helps upskill and engage you and your teams.

Access purpose-built marketing and PR opportunities that grows your brand and aligns you with a truly innovative growth story.

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