Software Testing Practice Development

Quality is not an act, it is a habit.

Unlike most other testing product companies, we offer an end-to-end testing service. Our flexible engagement models allow us to work with customers in a number of different ways, throughout the development and release cycle. However, each engagement is designed to make quality an integral component of your development and delivery processes.

We follow simple three-step process that helps our customers build an internal, outsourced or mixed software testing program:

Step 1: Understand

It is vitally important to understand your goals, processes, opportunities and challenges. This enables us to prioritise and structure project activities in concert with your development team to achieve your desired state as quickly as possible.

Step 2: Create

We build out each element that is required to successfully establish your testing program. From test cases, to decision trees, to automated scripts to defect logs. We've got all bases covered.

Step 3: Execute

The Qsome Technology Platform is the backbone of the execution phase and it has been designed to be used by people with zero testing experience. At this point anyone in your team or ours can execute and analyse a batch of automated tests with a few clicks.

The flexibility of our solution allows us to function like an embedded on-site test team, while still delivering our services in an outsourced manner. While we are not a body shop, we do have resources available to work from your premises, if required.

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Benefits of Our Software Testing Services Methodology

Reduce Pre-Release Stress

The anxiety induced by the unknown factors prior to releasing an application to production drains energy and goodwill within teams. A structured testing program prevents this from happening. This is made possible because of wider and deeper coverage during multiple rounds of automated regression testing prior to your application going into production.

Faster Releases

Our automated regression tests are built to deliver comprehensive results, fast. Depending on the complexity of your application, test results (including screenshots, video logs and technical results) may be available and actionable within minutes of executing a batch of regression tests. How much could this add to your revenues?

Complete Test Management

An important element of a successful testing program is the ability to document test artefacts, defects, solutions and have this available for future reference, at the drop of a hat. While automated regression testing is a strength of the Qsome Technology Platform, an equal strength is its test and defect management capability. It increases productivity and doubles as a single source of truth for the entire testing program.

External Validation

Many of our customers tell their customers that applications are superior because they are backed by a comprehensive, structured and automated software testing solution. The external validation our solution provides goes beyond mere software quality and right to the heart of building trust across stakeholders. It is a powerful and potentially revenue-generating point of difference.

To find out more about how the Qsome's consulting services may help your company achieve valuable business outcomes, get in touch with us:
Or contact us on +61 3 7001 1430 or +44 20 3411 4974 if you're in the UK or email solutions[at]