Application Architecture & Quality Strategy Consulting

It is hard enough out there. Get all the help you can. Getting help really is just a part of that lifelong search for wisdom.

- Phil Knight

We get the feeling that one of the most winningest coaches in professional sports history would know a thing or three about getting help!

Through years of experience across continents, verticals and domains we understand that giving advice is not a simple of matter of applying a formula or theoretical model. Each of our customers has a unique set of circumstances that require meticulous consideration and a freshness of thought.

For this reason we use a set of overarching principles and supporting processes to structure our consulting advice, rather than be enslaved by them. Therefore, our 5 overarching principles include:
  • Quality and time to market are key drivers of business success
  • Methodologies and models must be adapted to suit the customer's journey and desired state
  • A successful development and quality program is built on the bedrock of a high-performance culture
  • Applications should conform to business' needs, not vice-versa
  • The past should teach us lessons, not be consigned to the recycle bin

Whether you seek a strategy review, brand new strategy or independent verification of an existing program, we can employ a number of different instruments to provide thought leadership that is grounded in experience and actionable from the outset.

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Benefits of Qsome's Consulting Advice

Build Trust

As external experts we work with all areas of your organisation to build trust not only in us, but also within your teams. Development of trust is an not only an important element in developing and adopting recommendations, but also in helping you create a cohesive and high-performance culture after our we have left.

Actionable Advice

A strategy is useless unless it is can be converted into actionable items for your team. While we will push some boundaries to help take your development and quality program to the next level, we are always cognizant of building a solid bridge toward the end goal, rather than asking you take giant leaps of faith.

Thought Leadership

You will hire us not to be "yes-men", but to help you move towards a development and / or quality program that will deliver real business benefits. Because of our experience across industries and quest for innovation in technologies and processes, we bring a unique blend of ideas and insights to the table.

Independent Specialists

True independence is a rare trait in today's world. Our independence from the antiquated models and alliances helps us in delivering frank and unbiased assessments and recommendations. We realise that our perceived and demonstrated independence will help us build trust with your team for many engagements beyond the immediate one at hand.

From Development to Delivery

While we do develop applications besides our own testing tools, we are acutely aware of how poor application architecture can impact quality and speed to market. Therefore, we recommend that our consulting remit cover the entire development and quality process, because this helps us identify and resolve roadblocks throughout the development and delivery cycle.

To find out more about how the Qsome's consulting services may help your company achieve valuable business outcomes, get in touch with us:

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