Benefits of Automated Software Testing with Qsome

Automated Software QA
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We take the view that if automation is deemed good enough to fly a space shuttle around space, then it's a must-have for your organisation's software quality assurance program. For this to hold true, we ensure that our customers realise at least three (if not all) of the following four benefits of automation:

Slash Cost of Software Testing

The math is simple, effective automation will significantly reduce the cost of your software QA program in the long run. Not only will manual testing resources be freed up for higher-value tasks, but the support costs will also be reduced due to increases in quality. Our customers see an average of saving on their total cost of quality of over 50%.

Wider and Deeper Test Coverage

Our approach to automation enables much greater coverage of your entire suite of business processes, with the ability to test almost a limitless number of datasets. Add to this our objective risk-based prioritisation for deeper testing of your most critical processes and you begin to understand how we our automation framework delivers higher quality software.

Faster Product / Feature Releases

Today, speed is king. Competitive advantage is built on releasing new features and products for your customers, vendors and / or team members earlier than anyone else. Qsome's automation framework is designed to reduce release cycles, whilst enhancing the quality of releases, to help you get one over your competition.

Increase Your Personal Brand

Whether it's your personal brand or your company's brand, enhancing its value is the essence of your professional endeavours. The benefits of our test automation solution have many flow-on positives for teams and individuals, regardless of title or seniority within the hierarchy. We help your brand realise its true potential.

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The Qsome Automated Software Testing Framework

Our automated testing framework has 4 pillars, all of which work together to deliver the benefits identified above.

Built from the ground-up using our very own hands, the Qsome Technology Platform makes test automation so much faster and smarter that our customers find it a no-brainer to partner with us. It has been built specifically for quickly automating the testing of any application that runs in a browser, on a mobile device or the confluence of the two.

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Businesses run complex software solutions for both their internal use, as well as for their customer-facing technologies. It is no longer sufficient to test an application in a silo. Our framework is based on user flows, so our tests can span across multiple systems and ensure that they work flawlessly to deliver the desired user experience.
Gone are the days where an application can be tested on one medium and that alone. All browsers are in play; a myriad of mobiles and tablets are used; and your development team needs to find all bugs across all these devices, yesterday! Our automation framework enables you to design one test and run it on multiple combinations of operating systems, browsers and devices, and access the results in a matter of minutes.
A common gripe with automated testing is the cost of maintaining scripts, especially in fast-paced development environments. To make this a non-issue we undertake a modularised scripting approach and use multiple chained scripts to simulate an end-to-end process. This helps to keep rework cost and time to an absolute minimum as your application changes according to the needs of the real world.

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Whether you are testing a complex ERP or simple web application, the permutations and combinations of data inputs make it very difficult to achieve an adequate level of test coverage. To resolve this, one flavour of Qsome's automated testing framework enables data driven testing using comprehensive decision-tables in place of traditional data sets. This not only increases test coverage but also allows for faster maintenance as interfaces and data inputs change with time.

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