Download: "Guide To Automated Software QA for IT Decision-Makers"

Download this Guide to understand how you can implement or enhance your organisation's automated software QA program using key decision points:
Automated Software Testing - The Business Case: understand why it makes infinite sense to implement a test automation program

Goals & Strategy: the characteristics of the strategy generation process that will propel your teams to make the right decisions

Selecting the Right Technologies: sort through the clutter with our comparison of automation engines and the testing tools that make automated testing a breeze

Outsourced Software Testing: understand whether your organisation will benefit from outsourced testing and the right questions to ask your prospective outsourcing partners

Slash Costs & Release Cycles: understand how an automated software testing program can help your organisation save costs and beat your competitors with higher quality applications that are released faster

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Frequently Asked Questions

Your business is unique and the context within which it operates is important. We ask this information to enable us to send you meaningful information that can lead to relevant conversations. After all, progress is made through great conversations and case studies and marketing collateral are only conversation-starters!

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No. Licenses are so yesterday. The Qsome Technology Platform has been built in the cloud, for the cloud. Based on your needs we will give you a fixed price, monthly subscription amount that does not require any up-front capital investment.
Absolutely not. Because the Qsome Technology Platform resides in the cloud, you can access it from your favourite browser on your work computer or your phone. We don't require you to download .exe files and we save you the usual installation headaches. All that you need is a working internet connection.
We recognise that applications are used across browsers and mobile devices. So the Qsome Technology Platform enables the integrated testing of an application or interdepedent applications across browsers and mobile devices. Not only can we test your standalone mobile app, but we can also test an end-to-end process that originates in the browser, is accessed via a mobile app and is then completed back ina browser.
Yes, if it can be emulated in a browser. As most applications now run in the browser, we have dedicated ourselves to making the automated testing of all browser-based and mobile apps as smart and fast as possible.
Absolutely. If you feel you have the Selenium and / or Appium skills in your existing QA team, we can set up the Platform to hook into your testing environment and run the scripts that your team writes.