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Load testing is a feature of the Qsome Technology Platform that customers constantly cite as the one piece of functionality that no other testing tool in their experience has come close to matching. The reason for this is the simplicity and ease through which load tests are executed:
Step 1: Select Functional Test Case
Our Platform uses tags to determine which functional test scripts are also suitable for load testing. The same scripts used for functional testing can be used for executing load test. No extra effort or scripting is required!
Step 2: Select Test Parameters
Select the number of users to simulate, locations, ramp up speed and test duration. When you run the load test our Platform converts the functional test script on the fly into a JMeter-compatible load testing script ready for execution.
Step 3: Analyse Results
Because we use JMeter as the backbone of our load tests, you get access to a data-rich set of results presented in graphs and tables. Our load testing experts can interpret these results for you or your team can do this on their own.

No matter the underlying technology on which your applications have been built, Qsome's load testing tool can help you assess and improve your application's performance. Just like the functional testing features of the Qsome Technology Platform, our load testing technology works with technologies, like the following, what are considered by most many testers to be among the most difficult to test:

Key Features

No-Script Load Testing

The ability to execute load tests without additional resources, expertise or time is an unparalleled advantage that the Qsome Technology Platform has over competing testing tools. Using our load testing technology you can use existing functional automated testing scripts for load testing, without making any changes. Our Platform does all the work for you by formatting the functional testing script on the fly to make it ready for load testing.

Industry Standard Technology

We have built our load testing solution on a JMeter backbone. JMeter is commonly known across the industry as the default standard tool for load testing of web and mobile applications. We have enhanced JMeter by adding key enterprise-grade functionality and user experience modifications to suit the needs of our customers. After all, speed and simplicity is at the heart of the entire Qsome Technology Platform.

Information-Rich Reports

Our reporting module includes over 25 pieces of information about how the application performed under load. With easy to understand tables and interactive graphs, debugging the outcomes of the test becomes a breeze. Your analysis of each test is fully supported by our load testing experts who will guide your team about key areas of concern and ideas for quick wins.

Smart Load Testing Parameters

Because the Qsome Technology Platform is built in the cloud, for the cloud, we understand the parameters that make a real difference to an application's performance under load. Therefore, users can customise each test using carefully selected parameters such as the number of virtual users to be simulated, geographical location of virtual users, test duration, and ramp-up speed.

Ready to witness the magic?

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! What would be the point of a load testing tool in today's day and age if it was not compatible with these technologies? Just like our automated functional testing framework, our load testing functionality can work with practically any application that runs in a browser or on a mobile device.
No. Licenses are so yesterday. The Qsome Technology Platform has been built in the cloud, for the cloud. Based on your needs we will give you a fixed price, monthly subscription amount that does not require any up-front capital investment. All testing infrastructure is also provided for you, as and when you need to execute tests.
Absolutely not. Because the Qsome Technology Platform resides in the cloud, you can access it from your favourite browser on your work computer or your phone. We don't require you to download .exe files and we save you the usual installation headaches. All that you need is a working internet connection.
Yes. We recognise that applications are used across browsers and mobile devices. So the Qsome Technology Platform enables the integrated testing of an application or interdependent applications across mobile devices. Whether you want to test the load of 100 users or 20,000 users, the combination of the Qsome Technology Platform's load testing capability and our physical mobile device farm can give you the power and flexibility you need.
No. The beauty of using the Qsome Technology Platform as your software testing tool set is that the very scripts that run your automated functional tests can be used to execute load tests. Our Platform converts your functional tests scripts on the fly to enable you to run powerful load tests.

Our customers love this feature, not only because it saves time and money, but also because it eliminates differences and discrepancies that are introduced when two sets of scripts need to be created and maintained.
Absolutely. If you feel you have the skills in your existing quality assurance team, we can set up the Platform to hook into your testing environment and run the scripts that your team writes.

However, most of our customers need help at some point in their quality assurance program. Experience tells us that our help could fall into one of two categories: test practice development or software testing services. While we never want to be a body shop we have very smart and effective delivery model that delivers bundles of value for our customers.
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