Salesforce Automated Testing Tool & Testing Services

Qsome's automated software testing solution is robust, scalable and able to automate the functional testing and load testing of Salesforce applications to unleash real business value for our customers. Our "managed service" offering is backed by the Qsome Technology Platform, which makes it easy to assimilate regression test automation into your Salesforce development cycles.

Automating regression tests is a critical component of a successful Salesforce software testing program, particularly when your Salesforce instance interfaces with other plugins or applications such as Oracle or SAP. Our enterprise-grade technology and services are proven to deliver cost and time savings while making sure your Salesforce system works as you need it to.

Salesforce openly states that that it has over 40,000 automated test cases as part of its in-house regression suite. Therefore, with an application this large and complex, if your Salesforce instance is customised or integrates with external applications, it is vital to make automated regression tests a key feature of your development and release cycles.

Our automated software testing solution for Salesforce allows your team to exploit the Qsome Technology Platform to deliver a high quality, bug-free experience to your Salesforce users.

Benefits of Qsome's Test Automation For Salesforce

Consistent End-to-End Coverage

Change is one of the only constants in cloud applications. Automated regression tests allow you to quickly adapt to new versions and patches and ensure that your business processes work after the upgrade. Our solution also enables the automated testing of processes that run across browsers and mobile devices, with multiple data sets that cover a plethora of scenarios, to keep your instance up to date with the dynamic needs of your business users.

No Coding or Training Necessary

We hire the brightest specialist test engineers so you don't have to. Our test automation framework is designed to be intuitive so that a business user with no testing experience can execute a batch of automated tests, with zero training and only a few clicks. We provide the tools and the intellectual horsepower and allow our customers to focus on growing their core business, not their IT teams.

Slash Your Cost of Quality

Automated regression testing for Salesforce is the only way to ensure that post-release support and re-work costs are minimised. Add to this the cost blowouts of conducting (ultimately futile) manual tests with expensive manual testers or worse, business users, and test automation becomes a "must-have". Our customers often transfer these cost savings to drive innovation that delivers even greater business value. Is this something your business could benefit from?

Key Differentiators That Achieve These Benefits

Assets Created
Traditional QA:
Test Cases
Qsome's Approach:
End-To-End User Stories
Test Scope Generation
Traditional QA:
Manually By Humans
Qsome's Approach:
Automated Based on Risk
Release Sign-Off
Traditional QA:
Based On Gut-Feel
Qsome's Approach:
Based On Objective Data
Traditional QA:
Development Team
Qsome's Approach:
The Business

If you are planning, managing or holding the purse strings for an Salesforce customisation program, talking to us about how we can be the difference between diminishing or enhancing your professional reputation and the productivity of your program. Why not ask us for a case study?

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