Epicor ERP Automated Testing Tool & Services

Epicor continues to be a leader in the manufacturing ERP software space. The Epicor ERP suite is award-winning and customised to suit manufacturing organisations. Qsome's automated software testing technology and services can help cut costs, save time and deliver better quality releases for Epicor ERP users.

Our automated software testing solution is proven to deliver valuable outcomes and business benefits during and after Epicor implementation projects. If your Epicor implementation is customised or integrated with other external applications, your company will save multiples for every dollar spent with us. Further, the time savings can be used to focus on innovation that grows will grow your business.

Think of our solution as a way to future-proof your investment in Epicor and minimise ongoing maintenance and support costs.

Benefits of Qsome's Automated Epicor Testing Solution

End-to-End System Coverage

We don't believe in testing discreet features of an application. We build automated regression test suites that reflect real business processes. Our technology and automated application testing framework allows each process to be rigorously tested across applications, browsers and mobile devices. This comprehensive coverage enables almost bug-free releases and easy and fast compliance with the latest updates and patches.

Training-Free Test Execution

Our test automation framework is so intuitive that a business user who has no testing experience can execute a batch of automated tests with zero training and only a few clicks. We provide the tools and the know-how while our customers focus on growing their core business, without being forced into building bloated software testing departments.

Slash Your Cost of Quality

Automated testing for any large application suite results in long-term costs savings. When that automation is applied to Epicor implementations, the savings are only enhanced. Additionally, the automated regression suite that we produce can be used for future automated tests after patches are applied or upgrades are performed on your SAP environment. Two birds, one stone.

If you are planning, managing or holding the purse strings for an Epicor implementation, talking to us about how we work our magic could be the difference between diminishing or enhancing your professional reputation. Why not ask us for a case study?

To find out more about how the Qsome automated testing solution may drive more value out of your Epicor implementation or maintenance project, or for a personalised demo of the Qsome Technology Platform, drop us a line or call us:
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