EidosMedia Méthode Automated Testing Tool & Services

Automated software testing makes a world of difference to the three key factors of any Méthode implementation and maintenance project: time, cost and quality. Our customers know that all three factors can be achieved through a well designed and executed quality assurance strategy.

Qsome's automated regression testing solution is proven to deliver valuable outcomes and business benefits during and after Méthode implementation projects. Our customers save time and money by being able to ensure that progress made during a release will be thoroughly tested and protected against accidental defects during future release cycles.

Because our technology is built for the digital age, it is able to conduct regression tests on your Méthode platform in the same manner that your staff and readers interact with your digital assets. So why use testing tools that were designed for the pre-digital age?

Qsome's test automation framework has been specifically designed to run automated regression tests of end-to-end processes, irrespective of the applications that a process traverses or the types of devices on which it runs. Think of our solution as future-proofing your Méthode-based environment as your organisation grasps and exploits new channels of reaching and engaging your audience.

Benefits of Our Automated Méthode Testing Solution

End-to-End System Coverage

Most Méthode environments are heavily customised and interface with other applications. Our automated application testing framework for end-to-end business and editorial processes can encompass all applications in the ecosystem and the various devices on which the process is undertaken. Our Méthode application test automation doesn't just test features, it ensures that your IT processes work seamlessly to allow your editorial staff to excel.

Training-Free, Fast Regression Tests

Our test automation framework is so intuitive that a business user who has no testing experience can execute a batch of automated tests with zero training and only a few clicks. We provide the tools and the know-how while our customers focus on growing their readership and advertising partnerships, without ever having to build bloated software testing departments.

Load Tests For Ultimate Scalability

Your readers want articles and videos to load with zero lag, irrespective of the speed of their connection. That's why the Qsome Technology Platform offers leading edge load tests where existing functional test scripts and data-sets can be utilised to conduct load tests of up to many thousands of virtual users. This approach leverages our customers' investment in automated functional tests for compounding benefits.

Slash Your Cost of Quality

Automated testing for any large application suite results in long-term costs savings. When that automation is applied to Méthode-based platforms, the savings are only enhanced. Additionally, the automated regression suite that we produce can be used for future automated tests after patches are applied or upgrades are performed on your Méthode environment. Two birds, one stone.

If you are planning, managing or holding the purse strings for a Méthode CMS implementation or quality assurance program, talking to us about how we work our magic could be the difference between diminishing or enhancing your professional reputation. Why not ask us for a case study?

To find out more about how the Qsome automated software testing solution may save your Méthode CMS implementation or maintenance project, or for a personalised demo of the Qsome testing platform, drop us a line or call us:
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