7 April 2017

Best Practice Tips for SAP Testing


In my time as global head of quality for SAP's business suite and lately with Qsome, a few old myths have been shredded and some new ideas have proven very successful. The 10 Best Practice Tips for SAP Testing is a collection of things we implement for Qsome's SAP testing customers.

The intention of our best-practice guide is to suggest an iterative and achievable path forward for your SAP program. We have very deliberately withheld some of the more "revolutionary" best-practice ideas that we have implemented for our customers because they are customer and situation-specific. Talk to one of our team and we'll happy to have a chat to you about whether some ideas not in this Guide may be suitable for your SAP testing program.

We have intentionally kept this guide concise, but have found space to explain our suggestions. Accordingly, the guide covers the following broad elements of any successful SAP testing program:
  • Processes: including why not to spend reams on defining them
  • People: the advantage of failing and of listening to generalist test designers & automation engineers
  • Decision-making: how to use data, not hunches for effective SAP releases
  • Technology: benefits that the latest tools deliver you and how you should use technology to make your SAP testing program more effective
  • Automation: why SAP test automation is so misunderstood and how you can implement it

One of the intrinsic aspects to enhancing current best-practice is to understand what others are doing around you. In this spirit, please reach out to us if you have new ideas that you feel should be included in a best-practice guide such as this or even if you have a new idea and you don't quite understand how it can be implemented.

We have developed a SAP test automation framework that combines data-driven testing with automation, and a strong focus on speed and pragmatism to deliver impressive results to our customers. Talk to us if you are looking for a new way to improve the effectiveness and productivity of your SAP testing program.

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