21 March 2017

HP Just Screwed Over Its Software Testing Customers! So how, now?

The writing was on the wall for some time. The 800-pound gorilla in the software testing tool space had not kept pace with the demands of the digital age and HP has now officially decided to divorce itself from the QTP, QC, ALM, UFT testing tool that enterprises have relied on for the last decade. So what happens now?

The move away from the HP suite has been in full effect for some time now. The anecdotal evidence such as the fact that almost all of our customers used the HP suite before jumping ship to us told us of the serious disapproval rating for the UFT product in the market. But the numbers are just as damning:

  • License revenues were down 9% for the quarter ending January 31, 2017.
  • Revenues for HPE for the quarter were more than half a billion dollars below analyst estimates

What Will Micro Focus Do With HP UFT?

Time will tell, but don't expect massive feature upgrades or user experience enhancements to the UFT suite any time soon. Such spin-offs are usually designed with one goal in mind: profit maximisation from a captive user base. 

The profit maximisation goal was in full effect prior to the donation of the UFT suite to Micro Focus, with HPE's offshoring of developers to low-cost centres. As we know at Qsome, building a beautiful and enterprise-class application requires a lot of investment, not cost-cutting in development.

In short, you should expect more stagnation in the UFT feature set and little by way of innovation to meet the needs of your dynamic application ecosystem.

So What Should You Do?

It depends on your organisational imperatives and how your applications are going to progress over the next 12-36 months. Not every company needs the latest and greatest cross-browser, cross-device, automated software testing tool. Here are some reasons you may choose not to switch from UFT:
  • You need at least some modicum of payback from the millions you lavished on HP in license fees!
  • Going digital is not on your application transformation roadmap.
  • Mobile solutions and integrated applications are not a part of your application ecosystem.
  • You're happy with the results of your current quality assurance program and the use case is unlikely to change in the short to medium term.
However, if any of the following scenarios apply to your company then you need to jump to a software testing tool that is more fit for purpose, such as our Qsome Technology Platform:
  • A digital transformation is, or will be, in full swing and your current quality assurance practices won't be able to cope.
  • You're delivering or supporting integrated, cloud-based applications.
  • Your staff, employees and / or suppliers rely on mobility solutions to stay in front of your competitors. 
  • Your testing program is completely manual and it's simply not fast, accurate or comprehensive enough.
  • Infrastructure, licenses, training and resources are costing a fortune and not producing results.
  • Vendor support is slow and / or frustrating and doesn't innovate to meet your needs.
You will find many tools that purport to be fit-for-purpose to test today's cloud-based, integrated applications. Very few are able to deliver on their promises.
Our customers love our automated functional and load testing tool set because it's custom-built for today's applications and we continue innovating to solve their challenges and headaches. Is your software testing partner fighting with you?
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