28 February 2017

Apple & SAP Combine To Make Enterprise Software Delivery Even Trickier


The cooperation of two tech giants is to be lauded. It will hopefully make accessing enterprise applications a lot simpler for end users, but at what cost? From our view at the pointy end of the enterprise application delivery cycle, this collaboration will make life infinitely harder for companies that currently get by using a manual-only quality assurance approach.

Mobility solutions undoubtedly free up workforces to be more nimble, creative and productive, as has been eloquently explained by Wired. But the process to make mobility solutions truly seamless, robust and secure requires much serious thought, planning and automation. Take it from us, there is no other way to do this.

Adding To The Complexity

Irrespective of the number of SAP modules your company runs, a single change has so many potential impact points that delivery teams can ill afford to rely on manual-only processes when adding mobility to the mix. Check out page 4 of our guide to test automation where we present some very conservative numbers about the benefits of automating your software testing using Qsome.

Take this well published example from ABB Brazil and imagine the strain that would be added by introducing customised iOS applications to this SAP environment:

By using the Qsome Technology Platform and our specific framework for SAP test automation, the effort ABB spends on SAP testing alone could be cut into a fraction of that given above. How many extra resources would this transition free up for delivering real and faster innovation for ABB and its customers?

Listen To The Experts

Matt Goldsby is an SAP expert and in his list of 5 must-do's for SAP implementations, he suggests that organisations must display a "willingness to adopt best practices". While many best practices can be adopted during the design and development phase, implementing a rigorous automated testing approach can help reduce the extra time often spent on test configuration, execution and test maintenance.

Using our parallel testing capability alone can reduce test execution time from many thousands of hours to mere hundreds. This extra speed in the development cycle could be the difference in rolling out new updates and features to help your organisation gain a competitive edge.

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