12 February 2016

The 3 Keys To A Successful Omnichannel Strategy

The 3 Keys To A Successful Omnichannel Strategy
Source: Adapty
Call it a buzzword or call it the new imperative, the fact is that omnichannel is front of mind for most retail businesses globally.

Wikipedia believes multichannel and omnichannel to be one and the same. We believe that while multichannel rightly points to the myriad of touch points for various customers, the term omnichannel goes a step further and describes the inter-dependent, inter-operable and unified face that every retail business must present to customers across all channels.

With the definition done, here are the 3 keys to a successful omnichannel technology strategy for your retail business:

Analyse what to build, then build it right

Babs Ryan hit the nail on the head. Take a few deep breaths, decide on the goals, understand what is required and then build it - right and fast. The most common mistake made here is accepting a trade off between right and fast.

It goes without saying that "right" is of no use if your company misses the bus and "fast" has no benefit if your company loses customers because you haven't built "right".

Separate testing from development

My team members at Qsome preach this often and it never gets old: the builder of your house isn't allowed to issue an occupancy certificate, so why would you let your software developers test what they've built?

This is not to imply that either builders or developers are malicious in nature, but common sense and lots of evidence will tell you that software defects will occur more often when your testing responsibility resides with your developers.

Separating testing and development teams will also help with release speed, as more parallel activities are performed by both teams to increase efficiency, particularly in a microservices environment.

Automate testing for faster & more predictable releases

Automated software testing is not the panacea for all your organisation's IT woes. It is, however, great for optimising your IT resources, creating more robust and reliable software and enabling faster releases.

Whether you're a CIO / CTO, development manager, QA Head or anyone with any decision-making responsibility, do yourself a favour and explore and implement automated testing in your company.

While the financial savings of automate testing are well document, what is harder to quantify is the increase in sales, average order value, customer engagement and you and your team's reputation. As we strive for greater innovation at every turn, it is important to remember that speed and predictability remain two of the most important characteristics of every application.

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