23 February 2016

Leverage The Microservices Approach To Enhance Your Functional Software Tests

Leverage The Microservices Approach To Enhance Your Functional Software Testing
Source: Giantswarm.io
"Fools ignore complexity. Pragmatists suffer it. Some can avoid it. Geniuses remove it."
 - Alan Perlis

Complexity is easy to build, simplicity is hard to achieve. This premise is as true in software development, as it is in software testing and it holds ground in everyday life too. One of our principal reasons for being at Qsome is to make testing as simple as possible.

The common misconception goes that complex IT environments necessitate complex test scripts with multiple nested if, else loops, chained together by an even greater number of foreach loops… you get it, right?

Take it from us: complex, inter-dependent testing scripts only serve to breed inefficiency and confusion that makes your software testing program slower and less reliable.

Adopt The Microservices Approach To Increase Efficiency

As Wikipedia describes, microservices is a framework of splitting complex applications into smaller, independent process that communicate with each other.

Similarly, by splitting long processes that run through multiple applications into smaller chunks, your test scripts will run faster and be easier to diagnose when issues arise. The trade-off for simplicity is time and our next-gen software testing methodology makes it easier to delineate where scripts should begin and end in long and complex processes.

Is it not time to challenge your test engineers to simplify your testing program and count your cost savings and quality improvements?

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