29 May 2015

Why Your Company Should Test With Qsome

Source: Techno Softwares
We believe that the only outcomes that should matter are the ones that allow you to focus on your core business. That’s why we take pride in engineering the details so you can see the big picture.

We combine the most innovative and automated test management and execution platform with advisory based on superior intellectual horsepower to help you roll out better software, faster and at half the price.

These are big claims and they are well founded. Our novel and practical approach to risk-based testing means that your testing teams only test what is absolutely necessary. We ensure that these decisions are based on objective measures, rather than subjective opinions.

We also help you automate your test scripts so that your company doesn't have to waste precious resources on repeating non-value-add tasks. Our script creation tool is as easy to operate as playing, pausing and stopping a movie on your computer.

Finally, we believe that automated test execution should not be driven off thousands of Excel cells, the creation of which is highly susceptible to human error. Our automation tools and processes are focused on allowing your team to crack the higher value goals.

Whether you currently use QTP, Tricentis Tosca, Selenium, Jira, Zephyr or nothing at all, we can help you make your software roll-outs faster and more reliable, whilst slashing your total cost of quality by 50%.

Drop us a line today and find out how you can help your company and make yourself look good in the process. 


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